Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tornadoes and a Winter Wonderland

Well, to say this past weekend had some strange weather for our state would be the greatest understatement of the century. On Friday, the temps rose from around 50 to 72 degrees here within a 30 minute time frame. That was the catalyst for the disaster to follow. As reported on the news, parts of Kentucky and Indiana were devastated by EF4, EF 3 and EF 2 tornadoes that roared through later in the afternoon and early evening.

I had dropped my children off at the near half-way point between my home in Central Ky and my parent's home in the mountains. This was to be a fun weekend with their Grandchildren. We ate lunch with my mother and nephew at a Dairy Queen around noon and then I drove home in some treacherous rain, lightening, and high winds. A few hours later, the horrible storms moved in and wiped out the entire downtown area of a small community called West Liberty. This is over an hour or so from my home. The place where I met my mother, is called Salyerville and it was also hit incredibly hard with most all of the businesses on the bypass, where we had lunch, destroyed. It's very sobering to have driven though all the destruction on Sunday and to see firsthand so much debris and devastation.

My thoughts and prayers are certainly with all who were faced with this terror on Friday night. I am so grateful and blessed to report that my family East of here is safe and none of us suffered any losses or damages as a result of the tornado outbreak.

Then, on Monday, we woke to freezing temps and up to 5 inches of this!

Very bizarre weather indeed, but then again, Kentucky is known for bizarre Spring weather. However, the communities in the eastern half of the state that were hit by the storms rarely ever have tornado threats. Today, we woke to blue skies, sunshine and rising temps.

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  1. The power of nature certainly puts things in perspective and although it can be destructive, we are also given such beauty, as your photos show.