Monday, August 20, 2012

Missing Artwork And A New Home

Well, it's been a number of months since I last wrote on this blog. This is largely due to the fact that I moved from my home of 18 years in Kentucky to a town called Clarksburg, Md in Suburban Washington, DC. The move has not been an easy one by any means. My family and I have tried to view our new locale with adventure and excitement. Thus far, it's proving to be an adventure alright. The verdict is still out on exactly what kind of adventure. Perhaps things would have been a bit better if we had not had to also deal with a disasterous moving company. The movers not only lost items but also broke several things along the way. It is hard enough to move so far away from family and friends but when you have some of your most treasured possessions missing or damaged in the process just adds fuel to the flame. As I slowly made my way through boxes upon boxes of items, I quickly came to realize that some of my artwork was missing. I personally oversaw the packing of my own original artwork with the intent of moving it myself. However, my Cherry Trio illustration (I documented its development here on this blog) must have slipped past me and landed with the other artwork, on the moving truck. A month and a half later, I am still looking for the missing trio. Also missing was an original still life painted by a regional KY artist, my daughter's art kit, and my cherished framed print of Burne-Jones' Golden Stairs. Earlier today, after opening a box which held my long foyer mirror, I found the Burne Jones print packed inside the same box! Now, why didn't I think to look in a box labeled foyer mirror? ( extreme sarcasm here..)
I also found the still life today in a box labeled "living room". Funny because the painting was in the kitchen when packed and we told the movers to be label it the same. I digress. I am now down to three boxes where the Cherry Trio( along with my daughter's art kit) might possibly be tucked away...I'm keeping fingers crossed that I find them both by the end of this week... To be continued...

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