Monday, November 28, 2011

Bulbs and Decorations

I wish I had a great post about how I had at long last finished the Holly and Ivy illustration. It's a good thing the ivy is still thriving and that I have tons more in the garden. It's also good that I have some photo references or I would be in a real pickle:(. My best excuse for the delay is that it was a very full week and weekend. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home which was very consuming, pardon the pun. Then, on Friday, we began decorating the Christmas tree and celebrated my birthday...Then there was my daughter's Nutcracker Rehearsal... Needless to say, there has been precious little time to do much of anything else. Alas, I have slowly been making progress on the leaves and brightening the berries this week...Until I have some new images of the artwork to share, here is a glimpse of some of the sights of the Holiday weekend at my home.

(bittersweet and ivy from the garden wrapped around my candle centerpiece)
( The last glimpse of autumn.)
( potting another amaryllis bulb)
( paperwhite bulbs- will be good models for some sketches...)
( my favorite ornament)
( My daughter hanging an old world St. Nicholas...)
(My son graciously hanging the high parts for his sister...)


  1. It was all worth it in the end. Good food, good company, good times!!

  2. Yes,it was definitely worth it. finish that illustration:)...