Friday, December 23, 2011

Greetings at Christmastide

As December winds down with the celebration of Christmas and the approaching New Year, I can at long last breathe in deeply and prepare for a week or two of rest. I love the very end of December because after all the chaotic shopping and entertaining passes,the quiet winter days make their appearance, leading to a time of reflection, contemplation and of endless dreaming. At least they do for me, sentimental romantic that I am.

Winter truly is a wonderful time for artists, too. Yes, even botanical illustrators. We have a great opportunity to watch the life cycles of some beautiful plants by forcing indoor bulbs. Many of you have no doubt been doing this for years so can attest to the joy that it brings. The opportunity to truly observe and study plants at all times throughout each and ever day is invaluable. I have made a pictorial journey of my beautiful white Amaryllis for my own pleasure as well as for practical ones, from an artist's perspective. I plan to do the same with some paper whites which I hope will brighten the cold January days ahead. Until I can share the preliminary and finished sketches with you, I have included some quick photos of the plant's progress.

In closing this week, I want to share some holiday images with you and take a moment to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I am looking forward to all the goodness and wonderful new opportunities that 2012 will surely bring.

(Sharing Christmas Tea with my dear friend, Kimberly, at Tony York's in Historic Glendale, KY)

(Surviving 3 Nutcracker performances with my daughter, Katie. She danced in her first Nutcracker this year as a festive snowflake.)

(Our Lessons and Carols followed by the children's Christmas pageant was the best yet...My children had key roles this year. David was Joseph and Katie was one of the multitude of heavenly hosts.)

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  1. Your pictures bring back happy memories of playing the Angel Gabriel in my first Nativity Play. The Amarylis looks spectacular! Happy Christmas :)