Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beginning Stages Of The Drawing Book

     Here in the Mid-Atlantic, it was a cool, rainy, and foggy Tuesday. That made for a perfect day to work on the drawing book.
      I put on my Art Historian's cap then began researching, editing and consuming copious amounts of Earl Grey. I managed to edit the first draft of the title page and complete the 700 word introduction.

     It feels wonderful to be productive! I hope to have the biography and materials pages completed by Friday. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Rebecca, certainly with you there on the tea!! Good to see you being so busy and productive, what a project to keep you going. Good luck with the next bit x

  2. Its always nice to kick back on dreary days,and do work that keep you busy. How long will it take to complete your work? I cannot even spell anymore with my peabrain these days.But Good luck with your work and take care of your eyes,
    XXOO marie Antionette

  3. Copious amounts of Early Grey work wonders, Rebecca.