Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another move and a return to Blogging

       I can scarcely believe that I’ve been on such a long hiatus from Blogging. As I was working in the studio over the weekend, a song came on Pandora that used to be on my first blog’s playlist. It reminded me of the wonderful early days at The Tea Society. What a magical place that became for me. It was a remarkable refuge from the normal trials and tribulations of life. It was a place to dream.  As I worked along to the familiar strains of Billy Holiday’s You Go to My Head, I longed to go back to those days where a unique community existed - where thoughts and ideas were shared, creativity was sparked, and exciting friendships were made.  So, here I am- back in the Blogosphere and finally feeling settled for the first time in ages. 

     With all that said, on to the first Blog Post here in almost 4 years. Since the last post, I’ve illustrated a children's book called Jayden the Gentle, Tall and Gangly Giraffe by Lisa Sharon and moved from the Washington DC area to the charming Lowcountry town of Beaufort, SC. I’m in awe of being surrounded by the ethereal beauty of moss -draped oak-lined roads, historic homes, and scattered ruins of churches and forts. The only thing I really don’t care for is the pesky bugs that are out in full force on most days but it’s a small price to pay to live in such a stunning place.

     Grab a tall glass of sweet tea and take a look at some images of a recent visit to the Chapel of Ease on St. Helena Island. Perhaps this offers a small glimpse into why it’s such a blessing to be living here at this moment in time. 

I can almost hear the haunted strains of ancient hymns as I gaze upon the mausoleum built for Edgar and Eliza Fripp.

This is all that remains of the Chapel of Ease of St. Helena's Church after a devastating forest fire in 1886.

 Tillandsia Usneoides, more commonly known as Spanish Moss, clinging from trees at every turn.

 Is there anything more Southern Gothic than sweeping moss-draped oaks?

Resurrection Fern ( Pleopeltis Polypodioides) grows in abundance at the Chapel of Ease ruins. Rather fitting plant species to be growing in a church graveyard, wouldn't you say?

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